About Us


TECNOSYSTEM is an Italian company that has been designing and producing espresso coffee machines with the pod system since 1991(additionally, with the capsule system ever since 2006) and ever since 1992 is packaging coffee in pods for third parties.

During subsequent years, the department has expanded and the packaging of coffee capsules was added. 

Since 1991 we noticed that the pod sector, in which we have always believed, would have soon acquired its place in the espresso coffee market. The pod system sector is steadily growing thanks to the advantages that it offers:

  • Ease of use 
  • Extreme cleanliness 
  • No need of the coffee grinder 
  • No adjustments need to be made to the machine 
  • The option of a large range of blends 

100 % made in ITALY. At our premises of Budrio, near Bologna, we manufacture our espresso coffee machines with pod and capsule system in different models for a complete answer to the various market segments, such as Home, offices, small community centres, but mostly the Ho.Re.Ca. (Hotels, Restaurants and Catering) and Vending sector.



Our technical expertise, the accuracy of raw materials choice and the specific tests carried out on our espresso coffee machines, are the main characteristics of our "modus operandi", characteristics that allowed us to enter the market with a product that differs from others in terms of quality, relaibility, long lasting and user-friendliness.


The machines bodyworks are completely made up of steel, some parts in stainless steel and some parts are treated with rust preventer and 
painted with thermosetting epoxy powders. Almost all parts inside the machine are made up of steel. Unlike plastic, the steel does not suffer from the 
stress generated by the continuous and high sudden changes of themperature and, consequently, it is not subject to early ageing, deformations or breakage.

Our company produces all our espresso coffee machines exclusively on-site and so, is able to customize the machines with client's logo or to meet the technical specifications as requested by our customers and the relative markets in which they operate, even where small quantities are requested.

Coffee in Pods and Capsules


In 1992, Tecnosystem added a department with pod (7 and 14 grams) packaging system to its espresso coffee machine for pods production unit: a service focused on coffee roasters.

During subsequent years, the department has expanded and the packaging of coffee capsules  was added.

With our packaging systems, we offer our customers a careful service of coffee packaging in different coffee pods and capsules formats:

SINGLE DOSE PODS (diam. 44 mm with 7 g of coffee)

DOUBLE DOSE PODS (diam. 55 mm with 14 g of coffee)

CAPSULES compatible with LAVAZZA ESPRESSO POINT** and LAVAZZA A MODO MIO** machines (with 7 g of coffee)

CAPSULES compatible with NESPRESSO * machines for home use (with 5,5 g of coffee, )

Every pod/capsule is packaged in a single dose envelope under protective atmosphere to preserve the flavous of the coffee blends.

We are also in a position to package and sell soluble products such as tea, barley, ginseng, etc. (in capsules).

We were also awarded with the Organic product packaging certification.


Our company offers a variety of coffee pods and capsules types and complete packaging solutions. All our packaging systems are equipped with thermal transfer printers, enable us to brand the envelopes with your own label, even where small quantities are requested.

With our plans and a wide range of packaging solutions, we can offer Your own branded products!


* Nespresso® is a registered trademark of SOCIETE’ DES PRODUITS NESTLE’

The trademark is not a property of Tecnosystem s.r.l. 

Tecnosystem s.r.l. is unrelated to SOCIETE’ DES PRODUITS NESTLE’

** The trademark is registered by LUIGI LAVAZZA S.P.A.,

The trademark is not a property of Tecnosystem s.r.l.

Tecnosystem s.r.l. is unrelated to LUIGI LAVAZZA S.P.A